Translation, the faithful transposition of linguistic nuances


Translation is not just a job like any other. Naturally it calls for specific skills and knowledge but it also implies a lively interest in all aspects of language, for the aim is to transposereliably the subtle nuances which differentiate languages. At any rate, that is how we see things.

And experience has taught us that this is perfectly in tune with the expectations of our clients, who likewise appreciate our sense of service.
That is what makes the difference.

An interactive relationship based on the idea of partnership

Rather than simple service providers, we seek to be partners for our clients. We therefore strive particularly to establish the privileged contact to which every client with a concern for quality is entitled. The point is that a spirit of openness, a receptive attitude (sole interlocutor) and flexibility strike us as being indispensable in delivering personalised work, the measure of satisfaction both for the client and for ourselves.


Translation (continued)

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