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From passion to commitment

A love of languages means a passion for words, expressions and everything that contributes to the precision and clarity of the message. To us, that passion has to lead to a total commitment to what is conventionally referred to as quality.
This obviously involves a deep-seated attachment to the idea of service applied across the whole process. For that reason, at Bellis Translations, you will benefit from genuine assistance before, during and after the translation work you entrust to us, whatever the size and subject.

Twenty specialists.
One tight-knit team.

Twenty translators. That is a small team and at the same time a large one. Rather than an excessive team, our preference has been to set up a homogeneous force in which every member, working into his or her mother tongue, has chosen to specialise in a well-defined area. This means that our clients know that they can count on translations faithful to the letter and spirit of the texts entrusted to us.

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